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Duren Dye Works

Welcome to Duren Dye Works

Skirting and prepping:

Please  skirt your fleece before sending it to be processed. Spread your fleece  out on a large flat surface with the "pretty" cut side down so the  "dirty" side is facing up. Remove anything  and everything from around  the outside edges of the fleece that look poopy, felted, matted, or  globbed with grease. Carefully look over your fleece and pick out any  bits of grass, hay, stickers, etc. that you would not want in your  finished batts or roving. The better job you do skirting and prepping  your fleece translates to a much better finished product. Turn the  fleece over so the cut side is up. Look for and remove any second  cuts(short chunks of wool).  

Sorting and washing:

In preparation for washing your fleece, I separate the fleece by chunks of  locks. Not quite lock by lock, but close. The locks are placed in mesh  laundry bags for washing. If you would like me to separate and sort your  wool according to color or type during this process, please indicate  this on the order form. The fleece is given 3 washes and 2 rinses to  ensure removal of all grease and dirt. The locks are removed from the  bags to air dry. 


Most fleeces will be sent through the swing picker to open up the  locks.  Fine fleeces that are not sent through the picker will be opened  up by hand during the carding process.

Carding to batts:

The clean and picked fiber is now ready for the drum carder. I have a very  large motorized drum carder that produces 17inX38in batts. The fiber is  given a minimum of 3 passes through the carder to produce a smooth and  fluffy batt. Depending on your fiber, the batts can weigh as much as 6  ounces each. Your batts will be neatly rolled in tissue paper and  shipped in a box. 

Carding to roving:

It is the same process as described above, only instead of removing the  fiber in a large sheet, it is pulled off the drum by hand through a diz.  This produces a lovely long length of fiber that is very easy to spin  and store. Each drum-full of fiber is pulled off in one continuous  length and loosely hand wound in a ball. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. durendyeworks@gmail.com